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My range of professional services include, but are not limited to:

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Mix Interiors - October 2020 Magazine

Juggling many roles during my time working for multiple B2B titles, I know the ins and outs of putting together a magazine extending beyond making it look good. I am a designer who puts readers front of mind - I design layouts which complement and enhance the editorial all the while considering whether it will attract and keep readers attention by making it easy to follow. 

I am well experienced in setting up and sending artwork to printers so you can have confidence that your magazine will be of excellent quality and on time, every time.

MixologyNorth 2019 Brochure

Whether you need brochures, business cards, leaflets, marketing materials or corporate documentation, you can trust me to produce an end-product which reflects your business and brand accurately, looks smart and attractive, and is something which you will be proud to confidently share with your audience.

I've worked with printers my whole career so I have a good knowledge of the printing process, what is required for an excellent print, and the different types of print products available. 

Mix Design Collective 2019 - Online E-Brochure

Whilst there's nothing better than smelling that freshly-printed scent off of your latest print, digital versions can be just as powerful. With the ability to add hyperlinks and other media content, this provides your advertisers more digital exposure and giving your readers a more interactive experience. In addition to all of this, digital content can be easily kept up-to-date with minimum fuss and little cost.

RWB Art Consultancy Logo

A great looking and memorable logo and brand is an incredible tool to generating and maintaining custom for businesses.

After receiving the client brief, I do a multitude of research about the client's sector, target audience and competitors to ensure that what I create will be appropriate but also pushes boundaries to make your brand stand out.

Active Digital Exhibition Roll-Up Banner

Exhibitions provide your business an opportunity to shine against your competitors. The benefit of eye-catching and professionally produced signage not only increases the amount of potential visitors to your stand, but gives customers a good overview of your company before beginning a conversation.

In addition to exhibition signage, I have had plenty of experience designing collateral for awards dinners and auctions. Design work included: PowerPoint Presentations, Table Plans, Table Numbers, Stage Graphics, Lanyards, Way Finding Signage, Screen Graphics and more.

MixologyNorth19 - PowerPoint Design

Have you ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation which has too much text, too many standard slide transitions and animations, and so you lost focus on the presenter whilst you tried to figure out what's going on on the slides? I reckon almost everyone has endured at least one disaster PowerPoint presentation.

I design my on-brand PowerPoints with the audience in mind by ensuring only key points and complementary graphics are used to keep viewers' attention with the speaker and also enhance the presentation message.

Bridge for Design Email

With over 45 million people being active daily on social media in the UK alone, businesses should consider using various social media platforms to achieve marketing goals. I can create on-brand social media posts for any platform which will highlight your message and draw attention.

In addition to this, digital adverts on both internal and external websites is another great way to extend your reach. Whether it's animated or stationary - I can help!

I have also had experience in email design - so if you want to jazz up your usual marketing newsletter, get in touch!

Spotlight Photo Retouch Examples.jpg

One of my favourite things to do is play magician with Photoshop!

I can enhance images by playing with colours, lighting and other filters to give a professional effect. I can 'clean things up' by removing unwanted blemishes and backgrounds to perfect the image and highlight the focus. I can even add things that weren't present at the photoshoot and take away things that aren't wanted.

I take great care with every photo I retouch to ensure that it's not obvious that it has been touched by a photoshop magician!

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Need Something Else?

Please drop me a message anyway!

I am very comfortable with learning new software and ways of doing things - and in fact, I would love to branch out and extend my skillset! So would be very happy to do some research around your project and create something incredible with you.

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Get in Touch

If you're looking for a competitive quote, to begin a discussion about your project and how I can help you achieve your business goals through great graphic design, or to find out more about what services I can provide, please drop me a message on my email address below or by filling out the form to the right.

I'm very much looking forward to learning about your project and your business!

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